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01. Springsteen
02. Faithfully
03. Angeles
04. Like Rock & Roll and the Radio
05. Last First Kiss
06. I Don't Want This Night to End
07. Kiss Me Slowly
08. Last Kiss

"What is this tweeting you speak of?" [x]

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hmm let’s go through this one by one boys and girls

  • "the joke about misha was not transphobic." you are not trans so you don’t get to decide what’s transphobic?? woW??? (also my favorite bit is "it was not taken this way by misha who is a GOOD FRIEND!!!! of mine" yes because i’m sure you two are so close that you have a hive mind and know exactly what his internal reaction was)
  • "If you want a show about relationships, or about women, complex, self-actualized female characters—" DO YOU EVEN HEAR YOURSELF
  • "the show is a show about men. If you don’t like that, watch another show." thank you for teaching me that i should be COMPLETLEY COMPLACENT in women being murdered, objectified, or trivialized on a show which IS STILL ON FUCKING AIR because of its women fandom. SPECTACULAR.
  • You can criticize the show, and you can criticize me, as is your right, of course. I can take it. Go nuts.” obviously you can’t take it or you wouldn’t have spawned this defensive manifesto in the first place
  • In art, as in America, everyone is entitled to be wrong.” pot. kettle.
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#i'm  #i swore to myself i wouldn't get involved in the wank surrounding jared/aisha/sdcc but then i read aisha's post about it and  #jfc  #jesus i can't even tackle the stupidity here  #angels are genderless  #demons are probably genderless  #the opportunity to discuss trans issues or queer issues regarding relationships with genderless beings is huge  #i'm not saying make it an issues show. i am saying there's room for trans actors and more background queer characters not played for laughs.  #but this post is primarily about comic con so let's save the spn criticism for another day  #also i hate to be this person but even if misha didn't find the comment to be transphobic he is still a cis male  #whether or not misha found the 'joke' transphobic is irrelevant  #it's kind of like someone saying 'lol dude you're so gay' to a straight man and the straight man saying 'lol no it's not homophobic bc i'm straight '  #um????  #also sorry but i just watched the main comic con panel where jared made yet another comment about misha and mark being women (or crowley in mark's case)  #and misha was very obviously not laughing about it  #just like neither of them were laughing during the nerd hq panel  #jensen kind of nodded at jared's comment about crowley being 'ambiguous' (which works if he believes demons are genderless - i'm not excusing him if he agreed with what jared's opinion clearly was but that might not have been jensen's opinion)  #but even jensen was clearly unhappy with jared's response in the nerd hq panel  #but since she specifically pointed out misha as being alright with it: he was not laughing either time.  #idk but that suggests to me that he clearly understands that what jared said wasn't alright  #ugh i'm so mad  #wank for ts  #aisha tyler for ts  #jared hate for ts  #ftr i actually do like jared most of the time but damn y'all some of the things he says do not deserve defending  

I got a hell of a lot more running through me than demon juice. [x]

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Girl: *talks about how pretty Jensen is*

Jensen: Misha, I appreciate you screening everyone who comes through here today.

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A fan asked the cast a question about live tweeting episodes of Supernatural [x]

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Misha throwing gummy bears at Jensen uwu

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"there’s been a lot of great moments over the last nine years"

jensen says as he stares at misha

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dean + girlfriends

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supernatural, glee, doctor who --full list

the jet sex by vicki vantoch

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